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Consultations in connection with Planning for your later years and the disposition of your assets through your Estate with a view toward avoiding the pitfalls that are common without the benefit of planning.

Drafting of legal documents implementing the plan fitting your circumstances.

Petitioning the Court when necessary in furtherance  of the intentions expressed in your legal documents.

Some of the documents that are considered are Last Will & Testament, Living Will, Health Care Proxy, Durable Power of Attorney, Living Trusts, Petitions for Probate and Administration and other documents employed to avoid the need for Probate or Administration.
We will help you plan for your later years and estate by creating legal documents that will include your instructions effecting health care and property decisions.  These documents become essential in those situations where a person can no longer communicate their intentions to those around them.  These are sometimes temporary situations, such as a hospitalization or an accident.  Sometimes, they are for a long or indefinite term.  Either way, you can have confidence, being assured that your intentions will be carried out whether or not you are able to directly communicate them to those responsible to carry them out.  As part of the consultation and document preparation process, we will discuss tax considerations in connection with your plan.  When possible, we will determine if your situation is one that can avoid the Probate and Administration process.
When Probate or Administration is necessary, we are prepared to assist your designee without any unnecessary delay, so that all responsibilities in connection with the Probate or Administration of an Estate can proceed in a smooth and timely manner.  When provided the necessary information from the family, we can often prepare a Petition within 24-48 hours. 
Everyone's situation is different.  We are prepared to address your circumstances in a prompt, professional, courteous and thorough manner, to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.