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Promptly, Professionally & Courteously

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(718) 258-3434

(516) 746-1936


Families will find themselves dealing with either the Probate or Administration parts of the Surrogate's Court when they have lost a loved one.  We file Probate and Administration Petitions in the Surrogate's Courts of most New York State Counties.  Our offices are located in Kings and Nassau Counties.  We offer you counsel, helping you through the funeral process, disposition of the personal effects of your loved one and the eventual distribution of those effects and assets of the estate in accordance with their Will or, when there is no Will, through the governing laws of the State of New York.

In addition to helping you through the Estate process, we focus  on those who need to address the issues that arise through the serious illness of a loved one.  We can plan through the use of advanced directives.  Advanced Directives are legal documents that legally effectuate the intentions of an individual after that person is no longer able to express their intentions.  Examples of Advanced Directives are Last Will & Testament, Living Will, Health Care Proxy, Durable Power of Attorney and Living Trusts.
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